Friday, October 04, 2013

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They will bring out the best in you,you will be a better person,changes only for the good,you will never feel alone again for the rest of your life,they will support all your endeavors in life,they're your support system,you will be stronger than ever cause you have him/her a bestfriend,lover all in one.


All lovelife stories are like music videos,ours made us cry when we watched it,all through these years finally! we were only 16 when we met each other,typical teenager sweetness like you make out (kiss) almost anywhere,cant get enough with each other,those were the heavenly days where both of you are dreaming the same dream,to be together forever. We had our first baby when we're 19,and by the way, ITS A LONG DISTANCE RELATIONSHIP we only see each other once a year,the sweetness is maintained because we missed each other so much.

being with him was hard,thats what i liked about him,i like bad boys,makes me feel like he could protect me from anyone,but i was wrong.i let down too many good boys in my teenage years,taking advantage of them,making them wait and so on.

I chose him,tall dark and handsome,behind his confidence when i first met him,is that he is so possessive,insecure and jealous. at first i am enjoying it,but after how many years of fighting everyday 3rd parties involved,flirting,texting lies lies lies,strip clubbing whenever he wants to,while me studying and looking after our son.he said he would change when he got me pregnant,he would after the baby comes out,he would when we get marry,he would when we're together,all of that happened and until now,weve been through so many challenges,had our 2nd baby,and he is so immature than ever,i thought he is a good provider,but he have this impulsive buying problems,things he dont really need,he dont know how to prioritize things,like family first,he totally forgot even basic necessities in life. 

we talked about it for how many times now,cried so much tears,he never took me seriously,all out talks went to nothing,i have 2 kids and they need me,they need a family but everybody knows he's just being a father figure to his family,not the real father that supposed he is,its not even their lost cause they dont have much memories about him,he was always busy with somebody else or something as a wife and a woman,i know i deserve something better,i kept praying and praying to God to help him change cause i gave up changing him myself.

He's been the boy ive been dreaming of,but girls please dont do the same mistakes i did,i am here,waiting for something good to happen,helpless,dont know where to start on how to end this misery,at my lowest point in life,STUCK and miserably with him but ive never felt alone like this ever in my life.our kisses have gone their sparks,last sept 14 was our 8th year anniversary,and not even a single dead flower was given,this coming oct 14 was our 2nd year wedding anniversary,and im not gonna give a single frickn care too ( and what would i expect,since day one he never gave me ANYTHING,even for my frickin bday) 8 YEARS BABY!!!!! I was treated like shit!!!!!my voice was never heard,i am just making myself happy in my own way cause i dont want my family and friends to see how loser i came to be.

We deserve someone who respects us,everybody deserves a second chance,and after that,LEAVE! i know i will leave him,i told him that already,and he knows,but im still feeling like this again,marriage? i cant help but cry,its a suicide! I know its a big decision,but for how long am i going to make up my mind? add 1 more miserable year to make it 9 years of waiting for nothing,he already took those best years in my life,ive had enough. 

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Celebrity scandal everywhere

Paris hilton,kim k,Hayden kho-maricar reyes-katrina halili scandal,ethel booba,chito miranda and now wally bayola,tv personalities are just humans,and they're already adults to do whatever they want of course with full responsibilities to it,sadly,there are moments where you have a friend or sister who checks on your laptop or phone and spread the scandal to destroy your reputation or they have something against you,but most of their reasons are stolen laptop,phone,memory card,hard drive etc.

While i was watching it i become worried,the fact that wally bayola have a wife and kids,well if they are still together,i feel so sad,i'm a wife too and it would hurt me so much that i would come to the point of killing them both.this girl should think that this man has a family,there's so many young guys out there who are single and don't have kids,use your pretty face to be an instrument of finding true love with unmarried man,not an instrument to break a family apart,and to wally,why??? 

If wally and his wife are not together anymore,to the girl there's many handsome guys out there,hahaha maybe he's just not my type,and to wally maybe to both of them,i know no mentally normal person would do this just for the sake of fame,or money,maybe everything came unexpected,nobody can blame both of you,just face it together,its your personal stuff that just leaked,and expect the worse.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

After a Year

Been a year since my last blog post here,and that's after i gave birth to my baby girl,i've been very busy,had a job,tried double job but sadly it didn't last,so back to only one job,moving on our own place,my son's first day in school,my first time on strip club with my husband,baby cy's first bday,and their baptismal,our plan to move to mainland this year,and my journey on enlisting at the US air force,ugh,so many things had happened,will try to post it one by one. this blog is like my diary,and i love telling people my stories, i am not ashamed of it,cause i myself gets my strength mostly on people who experienced hardships and pain,i see this as an inspirational act,and guide to those people who are also going through some of the rough path that i've been through. 

Miley Cyrus at VMA's 2013

I have never watched tv for a very long time,and only hear new songs through the radio at my work,most of the time i don't have an idea who sang it. This time,i was so happy to update my mind in the world of music but i saw THIS,I love her voice,ever since,but i keep on asking to myself while watching her,(twerk,do crazy positions,tongue wagging etc.) "what happened to her???" 

She is trending on twitter,seeing my friends on facebook and instagram making meme's and bad comments about her,let's face it and i would like to tell the truth,everything is so annoying,well i'm not perfect and i don't have talent like hers,so that night i watched it again on youtube for like 4x and i liked it,(except the tongue wagging) i felt like i also have that kind of wild side inside of me,she's an adult,she can do what she wants,performing on VMA should be something people will never forget,that also happened to my favorite pop star  Britney Spears when she performed "gimme more" VMA's 2007.maybe Miley got over beyond the line,that she looked like she's having a problem or something,maybe she really does have a problem. I hope she'll "put her hands in the air like she don't care" 

Sunday, August 26, 2012

garlic shrimp pasta

all made from scrap..and i just don't know what to cook that day
pasta mixed with cooked garlic shrimp and lots of Parmesan cheese seasoned w/ salt and pepper. then baked with cheese on top until melted. 

Thursday, July 19, 2012


husband bought the wrong crust (crumb crust) i'm looking for this ready to bake pie crust to make my cooking faster. 
custard (filling)
1 3/4 cups evaporated milk
3 pieces raw eggs
1 piece egg, white separated from the yolk
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 cup granulated sugar
mix all the ingredients together
mix the egg white with an electric mixer until it foams (i patiently mixed it with my manual mixer) and blend it in slowly on the other ingredients

cook in a 350 degrees Fahrenheit took me 40 to 1 hour